Tim Wendelboe

Author: Chris Posted: June 26, 2010

In the deepest darkest depths of Norway, lies a cafe owned by a half man half dragon.

No, it’s not Trogdor. He goes by the name of Wendelboe, Tim Wendelboe. I may have lied about the half dragon part as well… But he is the World Barista Champion of ’04!

I had only had Tim Wendelboe’s coffee once at Seattle CoffeeFest ’09. It was a Kenyan coffee (I can’t remember the farm) it was one of the best Kenyan’s I’ve had to date. Visiting Norway for the first time, I got the chance to visit the Tim Wendelboe cafe.

Meet Tim Varney, Wendelboe’s Head Roaster. He gave us a quick tour of the cafe, the 12k Probat, and the cupping lab.

The Probat is right in the middle of the cafe, where they roast 3 days per week.

The cupping lab has 2 single group espresso machines: a GS3 and a FB-70 (the only FB-70 single group ever made).

He gave us a taste of their new crop Esmeralda – need I say more?

It’s very low-key surrounded by some very interesting architecture.

Time for  Wendelspro.

One of the baristas at the TW cafe, Chris Kolbu (Norwegian Barista Champion of 2008) served up a delicious shot of a SOE Honduras and some weird drink I have never had. It was a double espresso and a double espresso blended with a tiny bit of cream, really nice texture.

…He had a little misfire…

The space was a lot smaller than I imagined with very comfortable, but limited seating.

Brent says it’s BA. You figure it out.

4 Responses to “Tim Wendelboe

  1. John Giannakos says:

    Wendelspro! Hey, don’t drink it all before you get back. Looks cozy.

  2. george says:

    I want to wake up here.

  3. breezy says:

    a really beautiful space. clean and simple and focused. and sexy whenever one of the tims are there.

  4. geir oglend says:

    It’s a 15 Kg roaster, Probat UG15 rebuild and reworked, very sweet.

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