Packed and Ready

Author: george Posted: October 19, 2008

A quick update.

I’ve arrived in Montreal, complete with all my bags and equipment. Thanks to my level 10 tetris skills, nothing was broken – or even shifted – during flight.

I met up with Spencer at Main St. JJ to join in the roasting of our competition blends. We hand sorted them after the matter too, which I found very fun oddly enough. It’s kind of like an adult version of “Where’s Waldo”. A Friday roast date gives us optimum day 4 and day 5 espresso for the contest. It’s what we used in the Regionals, no point in changing something that’s been proven.

My carry on bag had 2 things in it: My headphones, and my coffee. (I heard it gets super cold underneath the plane where the other bags are shipped and I didn’t want to risk any kind of damage to it, obviously.)

This suitcase smells amazing now, and I bet the overhead stowaway on the airplane where I put it smells great too – you’re welcome West Jet.

I stopped by the Elysian Lab on Friday and picked up the espresso and cappuccino cups I’ll be using. (They are the ones that are used in the cafe.) Had a nice chat with Robert and Matthew while there as well.

I went to Ethical Bean on Tuesday and made a list of everything I need in my trusty Moleskin. I can say in full truth that preparing and remembering everything is probably harder than the actual competing part. Just when you think you’ve got everything, you realize you have forgotten your tablecloth, or extra water glass for the head judge, or something of the sort. Preparing things was never my forte either though.

My music is all ready to go – mixed into a perfect 15 minute track just like last time by Joel. I heard it for the first time yesterday and it’s awesome. I’m really excited to hear it played through the speakers in it’s full glory. It’s different than before, but still super fun and upbeat. I’ll be putting it up for download, just like the last time, as soon as the competition is over. (Wouldn’t want it to get leaked now would I?)

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I believe music is something that way too many people underestimate the power of. It has the ability to make us feel the entire spectrum of emotion, and you can make any situation that much better if you are able to use it to your advantage. The same goes for the opposite. Sure, there is no actual “box” that the judges tick off if they like your music or not, but is it just a coincidence that both of the last 2 world champions have had a really really really good upbeat music accompanying their performance?

As a side note, I regularly play James Hoffman and Stephen Morrissey’s music while I train – you could say it’s sort of like the Rocky Theme of coffee for me.

Sammy was on the same flight as me.

Also, I will be updating tomorrow night (Monday) with a link to a website that you will be able to watch the entire competition live on, for free. Full with audio and everything. I’ll know what time I compete by then as well, and will post that too. So be sure to check back.

Lastly – my bag carrying all my equipment was really heavy – to the point that we were debating if it would go over the allowed 50 lbs. per bag. I braced myself as I put it on the airport scale. Having to remove anything from it would have been chaos, as it was all in there safe and snug.

Check it out:

50.4 lbs.

A sign of things to come?

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    [...] Meanwhile, interesting weblog on George’s┬ápreparation for the CNBC 2008. [...]

  2. Chris says:

    woooooohooo!!!!!! The suspense is killing me!! can’t wait to see it! hopefully Ill be in programming…I can watch it there.

  3. Charissa says:

    Level 10 tetris skills are more valuable than a college degree!

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