WBCs '09

Author: george Posted: April 15, 2009

This Sunday, there will be a new world barista champion.  Stephen Morrissey of Ireland’s year long reign is up, and now it’s someone else’s turn.

52 countries will be represented in competition Thursday thru to Saturday, with the top 6 competing again on Sunday in the finals.

Let me start by saying I really don’t know anything about most of the competitors.  I watched Michael Philips compete at the USBCs a month ago.  I hear Carl Sara is a force to be reckone’d with (and has the experience.)  I imagine Gwilym Davies (from the UK) will rank pretty high, too, having much access to James Hoffman and all.  Besides that, I’m pretty much in the dark.

There is one thing I know though:

There is a barista who has come 3rd once, and 2nd twice on the world stage.

8 months and 1 day ago, he won the Western Regionals here in Vancouver.
4 months and 2 weeks ago, he won the Canadian Nationals in Montreal.
Tomorrow, at 3:43pm in Atlanta, Georgia, (12:43 Vancouver time) he will be competing yet again, representing Canada.

Still don’t know who?  I’ll give you a hint.

_ _ m m _  _ _ c c _ l _ .

Here’s another hint for the visually inclined.

My guess is that he takes the title, once and for all.

I don’t like saying “Good luck”, because I don’t believe in it.  The existence of luck implies that hard work, dedication, and passion are not enough.  It implies that there is some kind of uncontrollable outside force that governs who wins (or loses).

No one wins competitions at the world level because of luck – would you ever called Michael Jordan lucky?

So, Sammy, if you’re reading this, I will finish by wishing you no luck.

You don’t need it one bit.

I’ll be watching and cheering you on from my laptop screen.

You can watch all the action live, starting tomorrow morning (Thursday), by clicking here.

5 Responses to “WBCs '09

  1. lawrence says:

    Not quite as smooth today as the Montreal finals. But, he kept it together… Capps looked delish. Wonder how that Herbazu/Aricha blend tasted ? Grapefruit reduction sounded interesting as well, with the spro and creme fraiche.

  2. george says:

    It was such a different performance from both the regionals and nationals. He seemed a bit rough in his dialogue but it’s the coffee that counts and I’m sure he delivered. We’ll find out Saturday!

    85/15 espresso blend I’m sure was great. I wonder if they’ll offer it here for a bit?

  3. george says:

    6 Finalists: (in no order)

    South Korea
    United Kingdom

  4. george says:

    Well – as I’m sure everyone knows by now the world barista championships are over, and there were a few ‘Agains’.

    The United Kingdom won. Again.
    Square Mile Roasters provided the winning coffee. Again.
    And finally, Sammy came second. Again.

    Gwilym Davies, (the winning barista) lives on a boat and makes coffee from an espresso cart outside. In your face!

    A huge congratulations to you Gwilym!

  5. breezy says:

    One thing I know. If you’re not sitting at that judge’s table, you only know what you see, and not what you taste! All six of those guys gave solid performances and presentations. The points come down to who’s coffee is tasting great all the way thru and has good presentation. I judged Gwilym, Colin (Ireland) and Attilan (Hungary) there in Atlanta and all of them belonged in the finals. Gwilym’s take on the signature drink creation was very original and popular with the judges. And of course Square Mile continues to roast some of the world’s finest coffee. Having hung out with Gwilym a bit afterwards, I am so happy that we have another super genuine guy, who has coffee in his heart, as the World Champ. :) I already can’t wait for London, June 2010.

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