To Be Continued.

Author: george Posted: September 20, 2008

It’s been confirmed, so I can announce it publicly now.

I’m competing in the nationals.

Someone has dropped out, and since I placed next, I get to go.

I am super pumped to get to compete again, and you can be sure I will be doing so in a high energy fashion.

Funny enough as well, a competitor has dropped out of the latte art contest on Friday, and since John was next in rankings, he gets to go. I will remind everyone when the date is closer, but it’s Friday at Vancouver Public Library.

And finally, I just found out today that fellow friend, barista and blogger Robert Csar has changed his website to Note the change from .com to .ca. A lot of people thought he deleted his blog for many rumored reasons. This is false. His current post titled “a dirty day” is one of those that you read and go, ” Man, I wish I wrote that. ” It’s wonderfully refreshing to say the least.

Here’s to second chances;

over and out.

5 Responses to “To Be Continued.

  1. Chris says:

    wow George that picture is amazing! I can’t believe your competing again!

  2. robert csar says:

    chris & george,

    thanks so much for the kind words. remember, friday october 3rd will be the mother of all cafe crawls – meet @ main street @ 9:30 am… i am hoping for a big crowd. let me know closer to the day if you guys want to come along – everyone is invited to come along. :)


  3. brent dennen says:

    love it.

  4. Anthony says:

    congrats mate, it never made much sense that you weren’t going in the first place.

  5. The Godfather says:

    That someone who dropped out, was no accident…
    No one should mess with my Godson, now go and make us proud.

    The Godfather

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