Western Regionals

Author: george Posted: August 28, 2009

Competitor list and link for the live feed/twitter.

Competition starts at 10.15 am and is to resume at 1:30pm after the lunch break.  These times are of course subject to change.

1. Ian – 10.15 am
2. Robert – 10.45 am
3. Kathleen – 11.15 am
4. Derek – 11.45 am
5. Ken – 12.15 am
6. Chantel 12.45 am
7. George 1.30 pm
8. Spencer 2.00 pm
9. Kyle 2.30 pm
10. Miriam 3.00 pm
11. Steven 3.30 pm
12. John 4.00 pm

Watch it here, live –


For all you twitterers, follow WRCBC09 to get the updates on what’s going down.

8 Responses to “Western Regionals

  1. Anth says:

    Good luck buddy!

  2. J says:
  3. Tyler says:

    Great performances by both George and Spencer!

  4. george says:

    Your Finalists: (not in any order.)


    Sorry I don’t have last names.

  5. breezy says:

    one of the best region I’ve ever seen.
    great work by Reg & his team.
    some excellent s.o. coffees and solid presentations. more evidence that the wEsT coAsT is on fire.

  6. george says:

    Big congratulations to Kyle Straw for taking first place overall. Spencer came 2nd, and Derek from Buon Amici in Victoria took 3rd.

  7. Troy Archie says:

    Hey George, I was wondering if you could tell me or recommend me a brand of milk suitable for competition. A couple buddies of mine from Edmonton are going to be competing at nationals and are looking for a good quality milk. I figure Avalon would be a good choice…

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