Innocent Coffee

Author: george Posted: March 31, 2011

Yawei and her brother Jarome opened a cafe back in November while I was temporarily living in Montreal and even though I’ve been a whole heap o’ times, I never seemed to have my camera in hand.  But enough is enough – It’s time to share with the world my love affair with Innocent Coffee.  There is a certain calmness that radiates through the entire 2 story building (cafe down low, art gallery up-top), causing anyone who enters to leave their worries on the doorstep.  The cafe is minimalist and rather adorable, which brought me back to the cafes I visited in Japan.  They serve up Origins Coffee, who roast the coffee only a 10 minute walk away, down on Granville Island.  They have an espresso machine and drip of course, with each cup made to order, via either press or pour over (kone or paper) and all their baking and food is done on site, right behind the counter – which means that every time you walk in you either smell fresh coffee or fresh baking.  I like those odds.

As a side note – due to health codez they can only do paper cup service.  If you think that could be an issue for you, bring your favorite cup from home.  #BYOC
Located at 1340 W 4th Ave.  Open from 7am-5pm, Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.  twitter//innocentcoffee

8 Responses to “Innocent Coffee

  1. Julie Bissinger says:

    I like how you used photos to tell most of the story about this coffee shop. I’m currently working on a blog about coffee shops in Austin, TX, and I might try this method out.

  2. Nick Ilyin says:

    What’s the “14 days rule”? I wish to ingest this nugget of wisdom but know not how to interpret.

  3. Innocent Coffee says:

    14 days after coffee is roasted is the best time frame to enjoy fresh coffee. It’s a good guide line for coffee consumers to be aware of the freshness of coffee (wholebean or by the cup) they are buying. It’s not good enough to have a “best before date”. It should be a common practice to ask for the roast date of the coffee.

  4. Eric Hancock says:

    That is a beautiful shop. Makes me want to head up to Montreal.

  5. george says:

    Though I too, would love to go to Montreal, this shop is actually located in Vancouver.

  6. andrea says:

    this place looks lovely. must head down to W. 4th soon!

  7. Shawn Chong says:

    The shop looks amazing! I’m sure you have awesome photography skills, as well. My wife and I will be dropping by Innocent Coffee for their exhibition featuring Simeon Pang & Mina Akiyama.

  8. Somerset wedding gal says:

    Great photography, and this looks like a really lovely place as well. Love the little lamb motif – and not too overdone or cliche!

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