Introducing (the newish) Moja Coffee.

Author: george Posted: July 23, 2008

Friends, meet Moja.  Moja, meet friends.

I finally got to check out Moja today along with my dad.  Andrew has come in a few times to crema and I’ve been hearing little bits about them the last little while.  The roaster/showcase cafe is in North Van, just behind the Canadian Tire at Park and Tilford.  It’s on the corner and not too hard to spot the giant red lettering from the street that you see in the title picture above.  

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything too special before we got there but was immediately corrected the moment we stepped in.  I gather it’s pretty new, (not the business, the location) and they’ve done a sweet job on it.  A few of the blends/single origins Moja offers sit along the back of the counter in these monster cookie jars and are very inviting.  Reminds me of Stumptown actually.  The cafe is also super clean and very simple.  And white.  

The thing that really shines though (no pun intended) is the 3 group lever espresso machine.


What a beautiful piece of handmade, traditional machinery.

Andrew let us pull a few shots on it to try it out for ourselves and it is pretty fun.  It really brings a new (or should I say old?) technique for pulling shots, with full hands on control over the espresso.

The levers are practically begging to be pulled down.

And check out the pitcher rinser – flush with the counter.  Gotta like that.

After a few shots we had a little tour of the roasting section and got to see and hear what Moja is all about.  It’s about really good things, incase you are wondering.  Stay small, and keep the quality first.  And keep trying new things.  (I know that’s what every business says, but these guys are actually doing it.)  Andrew said he likes to bring in African coffee’s and try out different ones all the time, and I’ve said here a few times that African coffee is my favorite as well.  Actually, Andrew had a single origin Rwandan espresso in the mazzer when we came in, which was great.  They even had some beans from Cuba that they were going to be roasting.


Here’s their website,  You can find out more about the actual business there, but definitely check it out.  

I'm Rwandan.
I'm Rwandan.

It’s so refreshing to see people trying new things and changing it up every once in a while. 


9 Responses to “Introducing (the newish) Moja Coffee.

  1. Noel Hurtley says:

    Sounds awesome. I’ll have to make my way over to North Vancouver one of these days. When I lived there (about four years ago) there were no decent joints until Brazza came along.

  2. Danny says:

    Good Article George. You’re quite the writer.

  3. Danny says:

    BTW I love the pic of the espresso shot at the end…way cool!

  4. Mike says:

    Nice op. I never have any chances to go out anymore, but definitely will put this one on my top top priority. Cafe Crema is nice too. Good to see the small individual op. doing a nice job and getting the attention.

  5. Nicholas says:

    Audrey and I sampled some of their Imara organic “spro” today at bump n grind. she didnt have time to fine tune the grind due to paying customers tappin their toes but….. wow did it ever have a cigar like aroma….ya cigar and choco. we both thought it was super smooth almost too smooth…syrupy mouth feel loaded nice and thick no room for a stick , what would you dooooooo for a klondike bar?….pretty gassy musta been a fresh one. goin to moja tomorrow in the AM.

    bottoms up!

  6. David says:

    Canadian tire is not at Park & Tilford, its at the Harbour Centre. JJ Bean is at P&T

  7. Chris says:

    finally got the chance to go here today, glad we did. love the lever machine and the window to the roasting plant in the corner there. Probably one of the nicer cafes in vancouver, really comfortable feel.

  8. Cecilia says:

    LOVE this place. i’ve only been there once (it’s quite a trip from ubc to north van. esp if you dont have a car) but definitely hoping to go back again soon.
    great coffee & latte art. knowledgeable and super nice baristas. & the cafe itself (including the lever machine & the roasting room window/showcase) is uber cute. a really good experience overall. =]

  9. Rob Props says:

    I have been frequenting Moja since the spring/summer 09. It came to me by word of mouth advertising which usually means something is right. I live in Richmond, otherwise known as, the coffee deadzone. I work in the film business and usually work at Lions Gate Studio or Vancouver Film studios. I ,quite literally, will plan my day around landing at Moja for my early afternoon cup.

    The staff are knowledgable and are intimate with the manual press machine. There IS a variance to the coffee that comes out but it’s more like a range of different good tastes as infused by the hand that pulls it rather than same as last time stuff .

    The owners are hands on guys who seem to empower their employees and thats a good feeling too.

    I have also been drinking their coffee at home . Always good choices, even the American coffees which aren’t normally for my palette. I am an old school one cup at a time brewer that likes to pour hot water over fresh grinds. The coffee is always rich and fresh.

    Can’t say enough good. Only bad is that they aren’t in Richmond too :0

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