Author: Chris Posted: October 3, 2009


7 Responses to “"Brew-ha-ha"

  1. George Askey says:

    Coffee that will “Blow your mind” :-)

  2. Anth says:

    probably overextracted.

  3. October 5 — 4B ethiopia Moplaco @ home « daily YHZ espresso says:

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  4. George Askey says:

    Just a “Tad” ….

  5. nick says:

    The result: yellow coffee. You can market this as “zero calorie” coffee. I’ll take the taste challenge. Still better than starbucks.

  6. Emily Oak says:

    the original lies in Australia.

  7. anne goodnow says:

    i like everything about this drawing, especially that the Hario kettle and siphon are recreated so faithfully

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