Intelligentsia Venice

Author: george Posted: January 12, 2010

What to do during a 3 hour layover at L.A. International.

15 minute cab ride to Intelligentsia Venice.  $30.
One shot of single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (awesome) $2.50.
One cup of Kenya Gichathaini (I think that was the region) via the clover (awesome again). $5.
One shot of espresso for the gal I met while in the line up (her first ever).  $2.50 more.
Cab ride back to the airport. $50.

Very much worth it.

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  1. Kevin du Plessis says:


  2. Shayla Scuffi says:

    thank you for my first, it was amazing.

  3. Anth says:

    You charmer you.

  4. P Oshaugnessy says:

    Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously though your images. Being from SF I have a reason now to go to LA.

  5. Quadrocentenial Episode | The CaffiNation Podcast says:

    [...] cup of coffee, 90 Dollars for a taste, [...]

  6. Jason Coffee says:

    Wow! How much fun was this? Now this is the way to do a layover.

  7. lawrence says:


    Your pictures and posts are always an inspiration. I had a great visit to Venice myself, but in the end I think I preferred the experience overall at Silverlake.

    Remember on your next visit, but god knows how much that cab ride would be ?

  8. Nick Throckmorton says:

    Mmmm. Inteli in Venice. This wonderful coffee shop kept me sane during my 6 week Teach For America training session in West LA. It was the most enjoyable–most expensive–coffee adventure I have ever had.

  9. Gideon Dante says:

    I was in LA in in Jan and I went to silverlake once and venice four times. The lineups at both were the longest I’ve waited in for coffee ever. silverlake was over 20 minutes! venice was about 10 or more each time but one. The espresso was still fantastic at both but I had better over all experience in venice. What time of day did you go in?

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