Last night's festivities.

Author: John Posted: October 15, 2009

A few photos from The After Party™ last night.

We said there would be good eats and yummies, and I think the picture above explains itself. Mother Giannakos delivered the K.O. with Meats, Cheeses, and tender tender tenderloin sandwiches. It was glorious.

The party also rocked a keg of a beer, wine, an obnoxious amount of poured over coffees, and at one point I even saw the Clover going. If you stuck around long enough, some delicious mini chocolate cakes courtesy of Crema made their reveal as well, delicious.


Chris and Brent manned the pour over station all night while Matty G made runs back and forth with hot water. The guys got totally rocked with the 80+ guests that made it out last night. Chris was saying he must have done about 75+ pour overs through the course of  yesterday, I believe it.

Every coffee you got, came with a number. We had a separate room setup with 9 sheets of paper tacked to the wall, everyone was encouraged to write or draw tasting notes.

Latte Art. We had a lot going on last night so the last thing we wanted was to have the smackdown dominate the whole party. Here’s what we came up with. When a person signs up they are given a random number that corresponds to a sheet of paper. Anybody can pour at anytime they want, they just bring their paper up, place it in the designated area, pour their drink, and photograph it themselves. After everyone had poured, judges pick the top 8 pours, and the competition is finished Smackdown style: 1 vs. 1. Last man standing wins.

Despite the fact that the camera only took about half of the competitors photos, the format was perfect. Highly recommended.

Some more photos posted at flickr. It was a killer party, thanks to everyone who came out, and helped out. See you all soon!

5 Responses to “Last night's festivities.

  1. ya.wei says:

    one of the best organized barista party/event ever. not just saying because im your friend!

  2. velvet*kitsune says:

    i had no idea what to expect & that night blew my mind.
    barista after parties = where the party’s at !!!!

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    [...] And be sure to follow this link to read up on THE AFTER PARTY. Brent Fortune and Chris Gianakos brewing up a storm! [...]

  4. Michael Tam says:

    Hey guys,

    Great Party!! Definitely looking forward to the next one!

  5. TJC says:

    GI spro tearin it up old school.

    Keep on rockin C riss.

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