Author: george Posted: March 28, 2010

West End Coffee.

1319 Robson St. (Just off the corner of Robson & Jervis, by Hans)

Why you should be there right now instead of just reading this:
Open late.  Waffles made in house (get the platter). Origins & 49th (at least when we were there). Tea. Siphon. Synesso.

Budda bing budda boom.

10 Responses to “Michi

  1. Chris Giannakos says:

    Michi is so hot right now, Michi is.

  2. Joanna Noelle says:

    NICE!!!! I wanna go!

  3. Kyle Wheeler says:

    Mmm. Those waffles look wonderful, but I’ve never managed to enjoy whipped cream with coffee. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I tried it with gross, sugar added dairyland aerosol cream. I do not recommend it.

  4. Robert Dall says:

    Yumm… I really really want to go here now! You guys are starting to make me jealous!!!

  5. Stephen Mesa says:

    Wow. Espresso and WAFFLES?! Done and done. I’m marking this on the list of things to do when I finally get to visit Vancouver. Do they have some sort of website or menu? I looked and cannot seem to find anything, perhaps it’s too new to have that available online…

    Either way, this looks amazing and I hope one day I’ll get to experience the joys of eating a chocolate waffle while sipping a cappuccino!

  6. Tim Logan says:

    um YES! I miss Vancouver….
    This shop will defs be on my list when I get back.

  7. light show « Walk Through Puddles says:

    [...] to Michi on Robson Street to grab Lovely Friend’s brother and his friend who just got into Vancouver from Japan! (this is [...]

  8. Johannes van Bommel van Vloten says:

    soooo, kinda cashing in on wicked cafe’s espresso/waffles schtick?

    are they entrepreneurial coffee geeks or just entrepreneuers?

  9. John Giannakos says:


    Michi’s waffles are entirely hand-made on-site offering a variety of different types.

    Wicked buys from a local supplier offering one type of waffle. Never in my talks with Wicked’s senior employees have they mentioned waffles being a major element of their business, nor does its presence in the store reflect such an idea, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to in regards to “espresso/waffles” schtick.

    “are they entrepreneurial coffee geeks or just entrepreneuers?”
    It’s obvious what you’re implying here, and I think after a visit to Michi, you”ll see Michael is as passionate as anybody when it comes to both business and coffee.

  10. joh says:

    All I ever read about wicked’s waffle deal was that it was originally going to have a big waffle focus (or that was my misinterpretation? likely). Entering the cafe you realize that it isn’t really a waffle place…. my bad.

    from what I have since heard of michi they sound totally legit (i usually err on suspicion, yeah, not a charming trait)….can’t wait to check them out though

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