Out With The New, In With The Old.

Author: george Posted: January 12, 2009

Not to sound too redundant, but we’re offering individual press at crema now.  We have JJ’s 3 reserves right now (all tasting better than ever) as well as a bit of Aricha No.34, and of course our usual varietals and blends are also good to go – not to mention any random coffees we may have lying around or brought in.

Over-priced and over-sized ‘drip brewers’ that fill up valuable space on kitchen counters ’round the globe need be gone.  We’re on a mission – and it’s starting over in West Vancouver.

Why isn’t french press more popular than it is at the current?  I think for a few possible reasons.

Maybe the general public think it’s too old and not fancy enough compared to their home brewers?  Maybe it seems too simple to possibly make a good cup?  Too much work?  Do their beakers keep shattering?  Maybe they straight up just don’t know how to use it?

Personally I’m leaning towards a mix of not knowing how to actually use a french press (future post foreshadowing), and simply not realizing how good it actually is.  (yes, it’s better than your home machine, and yes, you’ll be able to taste the difference.)

Whatever the actual reason(s) is(are), it’s time to fix it(them) – for the coffee’s sake and our own.

Hopefully we can get some non-believers to see the light by trying a press at crema and going from there.

For those of you who already drink press and know of it’s glory, don’t read the post above this and just get excited you can have press at crema.

My not-so-secret dream is that in a time not so far from from the current I can walk into crema on any given day and see our tables exploding with bodums and conversation.

An update in regards to the french press shirt, I am still looking at what I can do, so hang on tight!

In addition, incase you don’t already know, everyone’s favorite barista Anthony has a new blog.

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    [...] then today, Cafe Crema announces individual french press service… “out with the new, in with the old”…  A very nice sign…  Would be nice to have a t-shirt like that too…  Also want [...]

  2. Justin says:

    Personally, I love using the press for coffee, the part I hate is the clean up. It always seems so messy. I haven’t really made a press at home since I gave away my second grinder, which I used for course grind.

    As a result, my press at home stays empty most of the time, and I usually press coffee at work, where cleanup seems to be easier. Maybe it’s the dish-pit, industrial spray hose, and dishwasher.

    Okay, I’m lazy.

  3. Jesse says:

    with a kitchen as small as mine, pressing coffee is about the only decent option for me. (Though an aero-press like you have Justin would slip into a drawer easily!) Ditto on the mess at home VS mess at work when you have a big spray hose and 2 minute dishwasher cycle that does it all for you.

    Also at home I find I get a rather gnarly taste in whatever I brew. I’m wondering if it’s my water, too high a temperature?, too full of nasties?

  4. Justin says:

    It could be the water, I always use a brita filter for water destined for the espresso machine or press. Probably not the best filter, but I do find a noticeable improvement in the taste, especially when you have a new filter.

    I need to get another aeropress, I gifted the last one I had when some friends went on a month long road trip. They were very happy with the results too. Plus they’re working on a new permanent metal photo-etched filter, which seems to be getting good results.

  5. Joel says:


  6. Guy says:

    I love my coffee press … love it … love it … love it. Enjoying a cup right now. Gave up on the glass beaker and have a stainless steel one. Haven’t managed to break it in 3 years of use. I would like a single though. Do they make them in a stainless? Probably not. Clean up is a breeze … dishwasher :-)
    Cheers, Guy

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