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Author: george Posted: June 14, 2009

Some coffee news from ’round the world.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London is hosting their “Taste of …”  espresso event June 24th and this time they will be tasting Canada!

Every so often they bring in beans from different countries and host a public espresso tasting event.  So far they’ve done Sweden, Australia, West Coast USA, and New Zealand, and Norway.  (Did I miss any?)

From Canada it should be as follows:

JJ Bean
49th Parallel


Phil & Sebastian

Transcend Coffee

If you live in London, don’t miss it.  You can view more about the event on their blog by clicking here.

If don’t live in London, you’ll have to click here first, then click the link above.

Also please note that both of the graphics in the title picture are 100% Square Mile’s, not mine.

Cafe Myriade in Montreal has a new website, which Anthony says will be updated often.  Perhaps linking to it here will make him keep that promise.

They do lots of tasting events as well, which you can keep in the know by checking their site.

Keeping in theme with “tasting events” (and this one’s for Vancouver) JJ Bean hosts public cuppings every Thursday at 1pm.  The location switches from cafe to cafe, but you can check the current week’s location by clicking here.

Spencer conducts them, and they are both free and educational – just like highschool!

Spencer Conducting.
Spencer Conducting.

And lastly, the dates for the Canadian Regional Barista Competitions are set, and are as follows:

Centrals: Toronto – July 19th
Easterns: Montreal, August 23rd
Westerns: Victoria, August 29th
Prairies: Calgary, September 12th.

Canadian Nationals: October 14th & 15th, in Vancouver.

3 Responses to “This Just In.

  1. James Hoffmann says:

    Thanks for the mention – we are really looking forward to this one!

    On a side note we’ve done Sweden, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, East Coast USA, West Coast USA and Denmark. Canada will be the last for this year. (There are still loads to do, we just don’t want to get stuck in boring habits!)

    I will miss doing an event for so many people at once (up to 60), I won’t miss pulling them each 5 single shots on my own, and the amount of caffeine I always end up consuming….

  2. ya.wei says:

    Never too many tasting events. I just had a sneaky one with the staff @ Library with certain coffee from certain G Island. To many it was their first exposure to SO ‘spro. Love seeing their reactions. See you Thursday, Mr. Spencer :)

  3. Kyle Wheeler says:

    The stuff Discovery sent to Square Mile is what we’re calling ‘The Sugar Bomb’ and we’re running it right now at the cafe. It’s…mmm.
    Try it if you’re in the neighborhood.

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