All of Vancouver's finest in one tasty download.

Author: John Posted: May 13, 2008

Enjoy our hand-crafted, 2 sipped, 203.5 degree wallpaper from yours truly. All photos, design work, and espresso drinking was done by the cleanhotdry team.

Note: No espresso’s sat longer than 20 seconds in the making of this wallpaper, and we assure you, they were enjoyed to full satisfaction, even if people we’re staring at us like we were crazy.


14 Responses to “All of Vancouver's finest in one tasty download.

  1. Chris says:

    simply amazing…

  2. Jeff Linton says:

    Hello, new desktop wallpaper…

  3. george says:

    It’s espresso heaven.

    1440 x 900 here I come.

  4. ashley says:

    thank you!

  5. Nick says:

    This is my new motivational poster! Gives my a caffeine high just by looking at it!

  6. brent dennen says:

    i LOVE this.
    good job.

  7. Erwin Chuk says:

    Nice! For next version, I’d be interested to see cafe/coffee info associated with each cup.

  8. sf says:

    some of those shots look really bad – would never drink them

  9. Easy and Elegant Life says:

    Hi, I’m just curious, is it possible to make a good espresso at home without having to out a second mortgage to buy a professional machine? It’s driving me crazy (although I know that part of it is the DeLonghi Cafe nabucco machine I have), so I thought I’d ask a pro. Is there any hope? I’ve given up and gone to making regular coffee in a French press.

  10. John Mayer says:

    Sweet CleanHotDry team i love your site and love espresso, this is the best wallpaper ever – YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND!-

  11. george says:

    @ Easy and Elegant Life -

    Honestly – for the price you’d have to pay (don’t forget you need to buy a great grinder and have fresh coffee ALL the time) it probably isn’t worth it for you. Any espresso machine that has the basics needed to deliver a great espresso is definitely not going to be cheap. Personally I would keep going with the French Press for home use and save the espresso for cafe outings.

    If you still want to try then check out and look at the reviews on some of the home machines there, you never know.

    If you happen to win the lottery or find a dufflebag full of money, you want to buy either a 1 group Synesso Cyncra or a La Marzocco G3.

    Good luck!

  12. MAS says:

    I traveled up to Vancouver this weekend and used your wallpaper to help me find the finest espresso places. Thank you. I had a great trip and outstanding coffee. Your leads were very helpful.

  13. Coffee Hero Returns From Vancouver Coffee Weekend | Coffee Hero says:

    [...] All of Vancouver’s finest in one tasty download – Espresso wallpaper for the best coffee places in Vancouver from CleanHotDry. [...]

  14. Ross HJ says:

    Very nice. My new desktop!

    I just got an Andreja Premium and a Rocky grinder and now I also have this as inspiration.

    Good to see my friends at Bump n’ Grind are on there.

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