Grinding Away

Author: george Posted: June 23, 2008

We’ve been doing a lot of late night testing at crema lately.  This usually leads to an even later night back at home, as sleep is nearly impossible after experimenting with coffee.  I’ve noticed that I, and a few others, have been crossing that fine line between espresso bliss and caffeine overdose more and more the last little bit.

The main thing in testing right now is grinders.  We have 2 new ones in shop right now that we are trying out – An Anfim and the Nuovo Simonelli Mythos. While we’ve only had the Anfim for a few days, I haven’t really warmed up to it yet.  I feel a bit too unincluded in the process when using it- sort of like I’m standing on the outside of a bunch of old friends talking in a circle.  I also feel like the dosing handle is going to break every time I use it.  This is a commercial machine, I don’t know why it doesn’t have that tough mazzer feel to it.

With the Mythos, while it’s also timed like the Anfim, it’s so fast that you don’t feel like you are wasting time waiting.  The thing with the Mythos is that it doesn’t dose into the middle of the portafilter.  This could probably be fixed with a few little mods.  It’s also just about double the price of an Anfim – that doesn’t exactly help anyone.

I wonder if coffees taste better through certain grinders… One would think the best machine and burrs would produce the grind, not matter what the coffee, but then coffee – especially espresso – doesn’t make sense a whole lot.

Today during the lines at crema some of the other baristas and I were alternating through using the Anfim, the Mythos, and the Mini Mazzer we have.  Shot of the day goes to the Mazzer.  The best option would be to have all 3 all the time.

Decisions decisions… 


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  1. Anth says:

    I think it makes sense that you got the best shot out of the grinder you’re used to. I’ve used Anfims for a year plus and of all the grinders I’ve used, it’s the one I’m happiest with. The Mythos looked pretty neat when my friend used it in competition, the angular position of the motor is the first step I think in a huuuge overhaul of grinder appearances and functions over the next couple years. There’s just so much room for improvement.

  2. Shawn says:

    The Anfim can’t be too bad…..

    It was used by the current WBC Champ, Canadian Champ,who finished 5th at this years WBC, 2nd place finisher USBC, !st Place PNWRB, and countless other baristas, and dozens and dozens of 3rd wave cafes!


  3. george says:

    @Shawn -

    The Anfim is great. My reasons for not having warmed up to it had nothing to do with the final taste in the cup remember. That being said -

    It’s probably used by most competitors because it’s perfectly consistent and has zero wastage (points are lost for every gram of coffee not used that was ground). Using something like a mazzer can be a near suicide mission in the waste control area.

    As for 3rd wave cafes, one has to think of the amount of training time you are saved, as well as the obvious waste factor. Most 3rd wave cafes are small or independents and wasting coffee is not something they can afford. Obvious solution? Anfim.

    As a post edit as well to the post, I was recommended to dose as the coffee was grinding (as oppose to pressing the button and waiting) and I am enjoying it much better. We’ve also brought in a Mahlkonig however, and that seems to be the way we are going to go.

  4. Anth says:

    Malkoenig K…30? Or whatever the model is? The doserless one?

  5. george says:

    @Anth -

    That’s the one – the very same that Mr. Hoffman took the title using last year.

    Will officially decide in the next 2 days if it is going to be the one, but at this point it hasn’t shown us a reason it won’t be. It is oh so quiet and quick, I love it.

  6. Mike says:

    Nuova Simonelli does not appeal to me enough. Check consignment places, you will find this brand more than any other … my complain about this brand is, it is a Toyota. Cheap, somewhat reliable in the first few years. Then you regret of having it in the first place. I am speaking from experience.

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