Rad Stash Jam Part Deux.

Author: george Posted: May 20, 2009

A healthy gathering of the city’s baristas in one of the not-so-healthy neighborhoods.

Man was it hot.  It felt more like downtown Athens than Vancouver – but hey I’m not complaining – it just made the air pot of sangria the guys provided taste that much better.  (It was really good.)

Jeremy and Kyle MC’d and DJ’d and kept everything rolling.  Jeremy is heading off to Japan in a couple weeks, and Kyle is off to Victoria, so I guess this was sort of a goodbye party too.  Go down this week and say goodbye.  Big high fives all around to everyone from Radio Station for hosting this.

Despite the sign clearly posted on the door, a few people showed up who certainly meant business.

It was nice to see an assorted mix of people from different spots around the city show up.  Mark Prince, Moja, JJ, Blenz, Crema, and of course Radio Station were all in tact.  There were a few faces I didn’t know before the day started, but most were familiar.

John saw this on the cafe’s community imac.  It’s pretty faint, but can anyone tell me where the desktop background is from?  +2!

With the coffee folk came the barrage of D-SLRs and plaid, but plaid was heavily out numbered by regular t-shirts about 10:1 this time.  There were, however, 2 pairs of suspenders.  New trend?

Robert Csar and Mark Prince judged the first round of the ‘spro down, in which you had to serve the judges each a solo espresso.  The points were on appearance, taste, and style/flair in serving them.

The prize?  Being crowned (belted) East Van Shot Champion of the world, with a double-shot-skull-belt-buckle and belt to prove it.

John said his espresso’s would have a strawberry wafer finish.  Then he handed Mark and Robert two of these.

I attempted to film my shot delivery from a first person view.

(this photo was stolen from Yawei‘s facebook photos… click her name to see some really cool art on her site.)

When I watched the video later that day the entire thing was out of focus.

After the first round, 3 advanced on to the finals, but before the names were announced, we had a quick and very formal cupping.

Our finalists:

Spencer and Brandy from JJ Bean, and David from Moja.

Fast forward about 15 minutes later, and we have our newly crowned, East Van Shot Champion of the world:  *Spoiler Alert*


And wouldn’t you know it – he wasn’t even wearing a belt that day!

After it was all over most of us headed a few blocks down into Gastown and hung out at the Irish Heather together at the long communal table.

And in the end, that’s what these things are all about – Getting together with a bunch of people in the industry and enjoying each other’s company.  And that’s precisely what we did.

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