Stovetop Throw Down

Author: george Posted: January 24, 2009

Some pictures from last week’s ‘stove top throw down’ at Spencer’s house.

espresso machine
espresso machine

steam wand
steam wand

8 Responses to “Stovetop Throw Down

  1. Anth says:

    hahahahahhaaha, awesome. So blown away by this guys, well done.

  2. Jesse says:

    Next time take some video of the whole process. There isn’t any stovetop footage of this caliber online yet.
    Looks like fun was had.

  3. Guy says:

    You use a stovetop? Awesome. Can I impose on you for some information? Please? Pretty please? Technique and process in using your stovetop to make that beautiful coffee. I’ve been trying to figure out what is the best way to make coffee with my stovetop and I need help … man I need help.

  4. george says:

    Hey Guy, I actually don’t use a stovetop myself, this all happened at a friends house, but if you want to email me your technique and whatever questions you have I will pass the information on to those who would know and get back to you -


  5. Guy says:

    I keep coming back to this one to look over the pics again and again. That just looks delicious.

    I got your message on my email George. Thanks for the reply and thank you for the offer of some help.

    I found me another cool place to hang out. :-)

    Cheers, Guy

  6. Furlow says:

    I couldn’t afford a decent espresso machine and opted to get a stove top espresso and steamer in the hope that I will be able to chuck (not use) my electric whisk which creates a smooth but fine soapy like milk. It’s still on its way from Canada, but seeing this for the first time gives me hopes on doing the same. I will post my results on youtube if I can borrow a camera from one of my friends, but I can still put some high res pictures from my slr, for you all to look at. That is I will have practice first. ps great job!!!

  7. Murray says:

    This is very impressive. How did it taste?

  8. Troy Archie says:

    Where could one pick up one of those stove-top steam wands?

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