Cafe Myriade Opens!

Author: george Posted: October 27, 2008

Another reason to love Montreal.  (As if you needed one.)

Anthony Benda and Scott Rao’s cafe opened today in Downtown Montreal, on 1432 Mackay St.  That’s right by Concordia University, or the Guy-Concordia metro stop.  It’s called Cafe Myriade.  

For those who have no idea who I’m talking about, Anthony was a finalist at the Canadian National Barista Championship last week, and Scott Rao wrote a book earlier this year called, “The Professional Barista’s Handbook.”  

Trust me, you’ll be in good hands.

Pop Quiz:  At Myriade you’ll You’ll be able to get a coffee prepared by which of the following methods?

a)  Pour Over
b)  Eva Solo
c)  French Press
d)  Siphon

Answer:  Wrong.  All of the above.  

How sweet is that?  You’re lucky to find even one of those methods used in a cafe, all four is just straight up unheard of.

49th Parallel will be used.  Goes without saying that the espresso will be fantastic.  They also have drinking chocolate and lots of teas, among others.

I got to check it out Friday morning before I left town and there is no doubt in my mind it will be a complete success.  

My only complaint is that they didn’t open 3 years earlier when I was living there.

Also, a recap of the nationals is coming up, don’t worry I haven’t forgot!  

Best of success to Myriade and Co.

17 Responses to “Cafe Myriade Opens!

  1. Chris says:

    i want syphon

  2. breezy says:

    i like the pop quiz. except i got it wrong so i get a FAIL. cafe myriad is delicious and amazing. i also got a sneak preview. they didn’t have milk yet though. and no paper towels in the bathroom. but those are some of the nice touches they added for the grand opening. i know they will be wildly popular with the Quebecois. And I hear all the cast of Cirque du Soleil 2009 will be getting their coffees there.

  3. Robert says:

    no chemex…? sad.

  4. Alexandre says:

    Concordia’s downtown campus just got a major boost with the Myriade opening.

    Speaking of Myriade, I got a chance to try out the blend you used at the Nationals as an allongé, there. Seriously, one of the best allongés I’ve ever had. And I’m Québécois. Got this nice gingerbread nose, amazing body, some fleeting flavours I didn’t write down but which are still on my mind… Now I’m sad I didn’t judge you during the CBC…

  5. Alexandre says:

    Oops! From the video, it seems that I did indeed judge you… Oops!
    Thing is, because we judge the performance and not the person, it’s easy to forget who was in front of us. It may sound hard to believe but you really get “in the zone.”
    So, sorry about that!
    It really is too bad that sensory judging doesn’t include aromas and complex flavours.

  6. george says:

    @ Alexandre

    Thanks for the compliments! Anthony actually called me later that night and told me they used it in the allonge grinder, that was pretty cool.

    And actually, you are completely forgiven about not remembering it from the competition, because I only used that coffee in my signature drink, which would have heavily masked all those flavors you are referring to. It’s a single origin Yirgacheffe, incase you were wondering. I had 2 grinders on stage and the espresso and trad capp you had from me would have been from a different blend.

    From your description, I have to say I’m a bit jealous for not having it myself from Myriade.

  7. Alexandre says:

    @george What’s neat is that Anthony gave me a few ounces of your Yirg so I’ll be able to play with it in my stovetop Brikka. My guess is that it’ll work very well.

    I don’t feel so bad about not remembering the coffee, especially since I’ve have quite a diverse range of coffee experiences in the past week or so. But I did feel weird about not remembering you! We didn’t really talk afterwards but I did see you at Benelux and, had I remembered, we could have discussed a few things.
    At the same time, maybe my absent-mindedness speaks to the fact that you took seriously your role as a “conduit” for the coffee. I don’t remember very precisely what my comments were on your performance itself but “invisible yet passionate” is a neat model for a barista. One barista who did this really well was Northampton Coffee, in Northampton, MA. Don’t know if she has ever competed in the USBC but her work made NoHo very pleasurable.
    Anyhoo, thanks again for sharing some of that blend. Shows how much you grok the Third Wave!

  8. Alexandre says:

    Oops! I meant “sharing some of that coffee.” It’s complex enough that it felt like a blend and I keep slipping.
    Ah, well… ;-)

  9. HRM & Montreal coffee news « daily YHZ espresso says:
  10. Alexandre says:

    This Yirg works really well in a stovetop moka pot. Quite different from the allongé at Myriade. More in the stonefruit/almond range. In fact, there’s a bit of amaretto there. And some dark wood.
    Haven’t done a Brikka with it, yet, but the moka pot version is really quite good. A week after the competition (so, a week after it peaked for espresso), it seems to peak for moka pot.

  11. Alexandre says:

    Brikka version: straight amaretti (the Italian almond cookies). Reminiscent of the gingerbread in the allongé but with a bit more bitterness. Started lemony, almost like “cleaning product lemon.” Faint citrus notes in the end. Some spices, but muted, especially compared to the allongé.

  12. lawrence says:

    no pictures of the cafe… I’m dying to see the pictures… won’t get there for another two weeks…

    is there really a mirage espresso machine ?

    someone told me it’s montreal’s answer to four barrel

  13. george says:

    @ Alexandre – wow. I love the descriptions, glad you got to enjoy the blend in more ways that I never got to. We served it as a single origin espresso at crema when I got back but it only lasted a few hours. And funny – cleaning product lemon was the exact description we had used while testing it. Mr. Clean for sure.

    @ lawrence – I have some pictures, but I decided to leave it a surprise for those going. Plus, since I was there a few days before the actual opening I didn’t know if anything was going to change after.

    I will, however, confirm that the Mirage espresso machine rumor is very true, and is all that and a bag of potato chips.

    Enjoy your trip!

  14. florian says:

    Would anybody explain:
    a) Pour Over
    b) Eva Solo
    d) Siphon

  15. Alexandre says:

    Pour-over: single-cup drip.
    Eva Solo: Eva Solo’s Café Solo brewing method (somewhat similar to French Press, but the bloom isn’t pressed down; immersion method).
    Siphon: VacPot, vacuum-based brewing, in this case over halogen lamps (two “bulbs,” one on top of another, grounds in the top one, water in the bottom one; water goes up as it heats up, comes down through vacuum effect after the pot is taken off the heat)

  16. florian says:

    Alexandre. thank you for the info! VERY interesting.

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