Moments at Coffee Common

Author: John Posted: March 4, 2012

We’re back in YVR after an amazing week with the Coffee Common Crew at TED 2012. Thank you to all of the Coffee Common organizers for allowing Chris and I to be a part of this beautiful event, and to all the great baristas, it was a privilege to work along-side you guys this week. For best results, view this in HD on vimeo.

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  1. Video: Moments at Coffee Common « Dear Coffee, I Love You. | A Coffee Blog for Caffeinated Inspiration. says:

    [...] John Giannakos, a barista from Vancouver who joined the Coffee Common team at TED, took time between working on bar to shoot this incredible video of Coffee Common moments throughout the week. It captures so much with so little. It’s a lovely vignette of both the professionalism and fun that takes place at Coffee Common. This was another inspiring week spent with incredible people who also happen to make spectacular coffee. [...]

  2. Rommy says:

    Wow. This looks like it was a blast. Nice job on the video too! Did you edit it yourself?

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