Coava Roastery + Brew Bar

Author: george Posted: July 26, 2010

We enjoyed such great coffee and hospitality last week while visiting.
If you’re going to Portland, you absolutely have to come here.  If you live in Portland already, then you’re a lucky duck.

1300 SE Grand Ave. Portland, Oregon

14 Responses to “Coava Roastery + Brew Bar

  1. Greg says:

    next trip will be to Portland for sure, amazing scene there!

  2. lawrence says:


    GReat post and pictures as usual…

    I feel like I’m slumming it in Northern California on vacation. Wish I was in Portland instead…

  3. bfortch says:

    Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Portland is a one horse town.

  4. jvbvv says:

    i love that menu board, super slick.

  5. Steve says:

    Not sure where the Portland hate came from bfortch, but I politely disagree with your statement!

    I’ve been to Coava’s bar four times now and every single visit has been absolutely delightful. This is a true testament of passion and love for what you do translating into a fantastic customer experience. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a store, buying coffee, but rather like you’re enjoying the company of friends over some great coffee.

    I recommend this place to everyone that I talk to about coffee now, and I stand by the confidence that I have in them never being able to give someone a poor experience. The only qualm that I have with them is their location! That industrial district is a bit of an inconvenience for me to get to, but I’ve begun locating awesome places nearby to justify my trips out there. Hair of the Dog’s storefront, and Produce Row cafe to name a couple.

    Keith is a good man, and thorough!

  6. Kyle Wheeler says:

    Photos 6-9 look really awesome together. I like the lines.
    not to say the others don’t look awesome.

  7. Daniel Markham says:

    As usual, a set of beautiful and evocative photos. And that is the second picture — the first being by Tonx — of those bespoke metal mesh Chemex filters. When can I get one [he says, only half joking].

  8. bfortch says:

    sorry for my “one horse town” comment, it was a bit of an inside joke with the guys (the owners of this blog). it was in reference to someone who once called portland a one-horse-town when the irony is that portland is anything but.

    if you’re unsure of my undying loyalty and love for keith and matt, stop by my coffee bar (crema – the portland edition) where you can see that we carry/sell Coava’s delicious coffees every. single. one-horse-day.

  9. Steve says:

    Oh, didn’t realize that was sarcasm… the internet is so great at conveying that (See what I did there?) That’s hilarious that someone would describe Portland that way! I imagine they probably haven’t been here recently.

    On a side note: Does anyone know if Coava holds public cuppings? I would love to stop by for one if it’s an actual “thing” that they’re doing

  10. Jean-Pascal Beaudib says:

    Visited Coava when I was in Portland a few weeks ago. A truly unique place. Will definitely visit again when I go back!
    I believe you can also buy their coffee at Barista.

  11. Tristan says:

    Just got back from this place. It’s the bomb deezy. And I don’t say that lightly.

  12. tyler says:

    looks so sexy. I gotta get there.

  13. Feb 1 — Coava Honduras… « YHZ 'morning' espresso says:

    [...] I can’t wait to finally get to Coava some day.  Coava seems to rock these days!  First all the hype about the Coava Kone and Disk.  (Now available in Canada through Elysian coffee and Phil&Sebastian).  Then, the other day Coava cleaned up in Tacoma at NWRBC 2011, winning BOTH the Barista and Brewer’s Cup competition against some pretty tough competition in PacNW. [...]

  14. Neil Maree says:

    I wish we had that much space to work with.

    Beautiful work on the shop!

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