Emerald City Coffee Crawl

Author: Chris Posted: June 20, 2009

Just got back from Seattle.

It’s awesome here, full stop. The city is crawling with purists and people who truly love what they do.  As usual we started with Vivace, “Alley 24.” An alright ’spro, better Macchiato, and my favourite sparkling water in all of the nation. Vivace is a great work environment, it has outlets everywhere (without being obnoxious), lots of seating, free wifi, and the hospitality in general is usually great.

All hands on deck
All hands on deck

Patiently waiting
Patiently waiting

Overflowing with love
Overflowing with love



Stumptown has really won me over in the last few trips down.  Their whole bean coffee selection was quite impressive – I wanted all of it. We didn’t stay for long, but we did pick up – with the help of one of the front men, Zackery – 4 coffees: Kenya Kagumoini, Ethiopia Wondo, Gautemala Finca El Injerto (2008 cup of excellence winner), and Panama Carmen Estate.



My favorite cafe in Seattle; Victrola. I love everything about this cafe, the staff are usually very nice/helpful and most importantly – I had one of the most memorable macchiato’s I have EVER had, the flavors were so defined and I could taste so much blueberry from the Harrar component of the espresso.

I had a pretty good espresso as well, though it didn’t compare to the mac ;) .

We didn’t leave without bringing home a little Victrola: 1lb of streamline espresso, Columbia Huila Monserrate Excelso, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Beloya Selection 15 (Organic & dry process).


We like sharing.  Come by this week to crema and have some.

Kenya Kagumoini
Ethiopia Wondo
Gautemala Finca El Injerto (2008 cup of excellence winner)
Panama Carmen Estate.

Columbia Huila Monserrate Excelso
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Beloya Selection 15 (Organic & dry process).

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  1. Vancouver Visits Seattle | Coffee Hero says:

    [...] just finished reading a new post from Vancouver’s CleanHotDry called Emerald City Coffee Crawl.  My neighbor to the north came down and visited Espresso Vivace, Stumptown and Victrola. Just got [...]

  2. Kyle Wheeler says:

    Aw man. I was in Van this weekend too. Laame. I could have totally dropped by.

  3. dreww says:

    dang! you guys should let me know next time you’re down here.

    the kagumoini is by far my most favorite kenya. and the injerto pacamara is so good it’s dubious.

    i think the soda water at brix is actually a little better than the alley but i might be wrong :) .

  4. christopher says:

    you guys gotta hit the north end… lighthouse in fremont and herkimer up on finney ridge.

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