Panther Coffee, Miami

Author: george Posted: April 3, 2013

From Across the Nation:

I visited Miami’s much acclaimed coffee bar and roastery, Panther, over Spring Break.  It’s located in the Art Distrct of Miami, name the Wynwood District, where almost every building side is graffiti clad with crazy mosaics and surreal drawings of animals turning into humans turning back into animals.  Or Lebron James with vampire teeth. Stuff like that.

Panther’s outside used to be a really cool mosaic as well, but I’m told due to vandalism and an unsuccessful attempt to fix it, they just reverted to a solid coffee brown exterior which, funny enough, makes them stand out in that it’s a rare solid block of colour in the area.

Both times that I went it was bustling inside, both at the till and to the side where the roaster was in full swing with an internal cupping going on as well.  The decor is relatively simple and sparse with lots of wood and heavy concrete, with all sorts of oranges, yellows and golds (hello Florida!) found throughout the many different fixtures.

Both the coffee and brew method offerings were quite extensive:  There were at least 5 different coffees to choose from, of which one could have made to order via French Press, V60, Chemex, Siphon, or Clever, and 2 different espresso options + a decaf, fed through Robur Es and a Strada.  They also had cold brew of course.

My favourite part was the huge patio that was made up of benches, small tables for two and a huge concrete slab of a center piece that turned in sporadic 90 degree angles.  It’s always comforting to have a hot cup of coffee with you to fight against the Vancouver cold but there was something extra special about drinking good coffee while basking in December warmth.

Panther is run by husband and wife Joel Pollock and Leticia Ramos Pollock (seen in the title picture with their daughter helping them hand sorting freshly roasted coffee) and it’s great to see it (from an outsider’s view at least) flourish.  Definitely check’em out if you’re in the area.
2390 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl.

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  1. bfortch says:

    I have been loving their coffee at BARISTA PDX. And got to try it at the Good Food Awards. So glad for their success and their yummies. xo

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I live very close to this coffee bar! I am definitely going to try it out soon. Thanks for the post.

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